Source code for abilian.core.models.blob

# coding=utf-8
Blob. References to files stored in a on-disk repository
from __future__ import absolute_import, print_function, division

import uuid
import hashlib

import sqlalchemy as sa
from sqlalchemy.schema import Column
from sqlalchemy.types import Integer
from flask_sqlalchemy import BaseQuery

from abilian.core.sqlalchemy import UUID, JSONDict
from abilian.core.models.base import Model

[docs]class BlobQuery(BaseQuery): """ Query class for :class:`Blob` objects """
[docs] def by_uuid(self, uuid): """ Like `.get()` but by uuid :param uuid: a `string` or an `uuid`. """ try: return self.filter_by(uuid=uuid).one() except sa.orm.exc.NoResultFound: return None
[docs]class Blob(Model): """ Model for storing large file content. Files are stored on-disk, named after their uuid. Repository is located in instance folder/data/files. """ __tablename__ = "blob" query_class = BlobQuery id = Column(Integer(), primary_key=True, autoincrement=True) uuid = Column(UUID(), unique=True, nullable=False, default=uuid.uuid4) meta = Column(JSONDict(), nullable=False, default=dict) def __init__(self, value=None, *args, **kwargs): super(Blob, self).__init__(*args, **kwargs) if self.uuid is None: self.uuid = uuid.uuid4() if self.meta is None: self.meta = dict() if value is not None: self.value = value @property def file(self): """ Return :class:`pathlib.Path` object used for storing value """ from import session_repository as repository return repository.get(self, self.uuid) @property def size(self): """ Return size in bytes of value """ f = self.file return f.stat().st_size if f is not None else 0 @property def value(self): """ Binary value content """ v = self.file return'rb').read() if v is not None else v @value.setter def value(self, value, encoding='utf-8'): """ Store binary content to applications's repository and update `self.meta['md5']`. :param:content: string, bytes, or any object with a `read()` method :param:encoding: encoding to use when content is unicode """ from import session_repository as repository repository.set(self, self.uuid, value) self.meta['md5'] = unicode(hashlib.md5(self.value).hexdigest()) if hasattr(value, 'filename'): filename = getattr(value, 'filename') if isinstance(filename, bytes): filename = filename.decode('utf-8') self.meta['filename'] = filename if hasattr(value, 'content_type'): self.meta['mimetype'] = getattr(value, 'content_type') @value.deleter def value(self): """ Remove value from repository """ from import session_repository as repository repository.delete(self, self.uuid) @property def md5(self): """ Return md5 from meta, or compute it if absent """ md5 = self.meta.get('md5') if md5 is None: md5 = unicode(hashlib.md5(self.value).hexdigest()) return md5 def __nonzero__(self): """ A blob is considered null if it has no file """ return self.file is not None and self.file.exists()
@sa.event.listens_for(sa.orm.Session, 'after_flush') def _blob_propagate_delete_content(session, flush_context): """ """ deleted = (obj for obj in session.deleted if isinstance(obj, Blob)) for blob in deleted: del blob.value